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Our services

Broadband Education Technologies are pleased to offer or arrange a wide range of consultancy, development and production services including:

• Project management & troubleshooting
We can help bring all elements of a project together to ensure a smooth and efficient development lifecycle.
• Systems analysis
We can analyise your current systems in order to make recommendations for their future development.
• Multimedia development & production
We can plan and produce multimedia products, for example children's education cdroms.
• 2D graphic production
We can organise the production of high quality 2D imagery for both offline and online projects.
• 3D modelling & animation
We can arrange for the visualisation of 3D objects, and also for character animation.
• Web design, development & hosting
We can design, build and host websites with simple-to-use content management systems.
• Quality assurance
We can ensure your software is published at a standard that will fulfil all requirements of the user.
• Subbing, layout & proofing services
We can help you project the most professional image by ensuring the immaculate presentation of your written material.
• Voice & sound recording
We can organise studio time with a wide range of voice talent.
• Short run CD duplication
We can arrange for your project to be professionally mastered.
• Traditional format conversions
We can take your paper-based material and turn it into an interactive and searchable multimedia experience.
• Product remastering
We can create new installation programs to overcome Windows XP incompatibility issues with older software.