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Broadband Education Technologies was established in 2000 and has since been involved in a number of noteworthy projects.

The company was originally set up as an offshoot of Europress Software, with the specfic aim of writing and developing a Broadband literacy product. The resulting educational product, Chronos the Timelord, was set over three exciting 3D worlds - Rome, Medieval London and Castles. Players navigated each world, engaging in dialogue with characters and completing activities in order to collect objects before moving to the next world. For further information click here.

Our talents soon came to the notice of Focus Multimedia for whom we developed three children's titles. Two of these used Universal Studios' Sitting Ducks brand: one an exciting activity centre and the other an innovative print studio. The third was the equally entertaining Postman Pat's Package of Fun.

Impressed with the titles acquired from Europress, Koch Media called on our skills to update the whole A-level range to encompass the latest AS/A2 curriculum structure. This lead to Koch also commissioning us to enhance their existing range of Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 software for Maths, English and Science. We also went on to develop two new titles for the Art Attack brand - Art Attack Comic Creator and Art Attack Digital.

One of our more unusual jobs was to manage the completion of TRAKKING - complex production control software specifically designed for the engineering industry. Imposing on this title the discipline required for educational software resulted in an easy-to-use yet efficient application, which can be run on a standalone PC or networked within a large company.

Another interesting project was the conversion of a Focus Education book called Achieving the Mark into a user-friendly, interactive CD. This allows teachers to create pupil self-evaluation forms which greatly assist children in monitoring their own attainment progress in English, Maths and ICT. This led to further commissions to develop target setting and progress tracking software in the form of the Target Setter and Foundation Stage Progress Tracker series.

Our most recent project was the development of two titles for the Big Cook Little Cook brand, Feast of Fun and Fairytale Fun. Following the format of the CBBC series, the programs are set in the Big Cook Little Cook cafe where there are lots of fun things to do! Packed full of puzzles, games, recipes and activities, these CD-ROMs provide hours of mouth-watering fun and entertainment for children ages 3 and up.

The team behind Broadband Education Technologies was also involved in many of Europress's most successful titles.

Europress's most successful educational range, Fun School (reaching version 7), sold over 2,000,000 units worldwide. GCSE (7 titles) and A-level Revision (5 titles) software topped the best-selling educational charts for several years while SATs Maths, English and Science were consistently in the top 10.

Highly acclaimed branded titles included Art Attack (chart topper), which spawned Print It! and Make It!. Thunderbirds Vault of Doom, Thunderbirds Operation Volcano and Captain Scarlet in the Shadow of Fear were developed in partnership with Carlton. Other examples included Clangers Activity Centre and Bagpuss: We will Print It.

Successful Europress lifestyle titles included Fighting Fit, Sharon Davies' Fit for Life, Alan Titchmarsh 3D Garden Designer, Charlie Dimmock's Water Garden Designer, Tommy Walsh's DIY Guide and Interior Designer 3.